September 13, 2020

4 Proven Benefits of Employee Advocacy Programs

Today, the power of social proof is more important than ever. As prospects become more discerning and skeptical of marketing spiel, your loyal long-serving hires remain your most valuable advocates.

Whether you seek to support the sales team or are desperate to diversify your pipeline, employee advocacy programs help you achieve these goals (while generating a buzz for your business.)

So how can you harness their power to support your hiring strategy? Are there any tricks of the trade to fine-tune your advocacy efforts?

Here are four proven benefits of employee advocacy programs, enabling you to extend your reach, amplify your efforts and tap into new talent pipelines…

Proven Benefit No. 1: Increases Your Visibility Online to Improve Overall Brand Recognition

When it comes to sourcing recruits, the visibility of your digital footprint is a vital part of this process. With most job searches conducted online, the credibility of your company image should definitely be centre-stage. As competition for hires increases, one proven way to stand out from the crowd is to invest in an advocacy program that’s powered by your internal talent. Reviews and social posts from employees can instantly humanise your brand, making it far more attractive to prospects. These authentic, first-person accounts offer an insight into the organisation itself and the distinct aspects of the culture that make it a memorable place to work.  Alongside these advocacy efforts, awards and accreditations can offer additional assurance to recruits, positioning your brand as a people-focused business that actively invests in its talent.

Proven Benefit No. 2: Inspires Higher Levels of Engagement and Commitment to the Company Mission

From contributing thought leadership content to becoming an ambassador for the brand itself, the very best advocacy programs encourage creative expression. Rather than feeling like “another cog in the machine,” an employee advocacy program elevates the opinions of those who work there so they become active participants in the process. This increased trust and autonomy equates to higher levels of engagement that positively impact retention. For employees who are part of these programs, the knowledge that their opinion matters creates a positive cycle for hiring that benefits employees and employers alike. After voicing their contributions and posting their thoughts online, the “insider perspective” they offer will prove far more persuasive to prospects than the typical corporate sales spiel. The result? Better publicity for your brand and a highly motivated workforce who are committed to the company mission!

Proven Benefit No. 3: Leverage Social Selling Techniques to Support Multiple Departments

As the collective face of a company, friendly and personable recruits influence candidates’ perceptions and the views of future prospects. Unlike hard-sell techniques (which can quickly alienate an audience) employee advocacy strategies help you form authentic connections and leverage social selling to crowdsource potential new hires. A relatively recent development, social selling tactics enable you to personalise your introductions and utilise social media to showcase your company culture. From behind-the-scenes footage of your firm to weekly Vlogs shot by employees, this authentic, user-generated content instantly humanises your brand. After initial trialling this strategy, you can reach out to other departments to create assets for future candidates or mark out clear paths for progression that send positive signals to prospects.

Proven Benefit No. 4: Reach New Demographics of Workers to Widen Your Pool of Prospects

When it comes to future-proofing your pipeline, employee advocacy efforts can significantly extend your reach. Instead of approaching the same pool of prospects, your talented team of people can network on your behalf and approach passive candidates for newly created roles. Although most hires can support this strategy, employees who are social media experts are a surefire win to start with; they know the lay of the land and can switch seamlessly between channels to approach multiple prospects at once. What’s more, they can share their experiences of a business to entice similar candidates and assess whether potential leads are the right cultural fit for a firm. By widening your pool of prospects, you can diversify your hiring pipeline to reduce the risk of skills gaps, while driving down your cost per hire.