January 14, 2021

Glaring Gaps in Resourcing? Here’s How Scalable Solutions Can Help

From launching a complex new project to updating your existing systems, you need the right skills in place to put your plans into action.

As technology evolves at breakneck speed, remaining one step ahead of competitors can feel like an uphill battle – especially if your current resources fall short of your own ideals.

The cumulative impact of these changes means that skills become outdated, with teams struggling to pivot to meet the scope of new projects.

Yet by implementing scalable solutions, you can future-proof operations as the following article reveals…

What is a Skills Gap Analysis and Why Is It So Important?

Put simply, a Skills Gap Analysis enables you to assess whether there any discrepancies between existing and desired skill-sets, whether in relation to a particular project or at the organisational level itself. As market conditions are constantly changing, so too do project requirements, necessitating a sniper-like approach to resourcing that gives you a competitive advantage. Of course, achieving this goal in practice demands a good deal of planning and groundwork, both to scope out the details of your project and the niche, technical specialisms that can support the project life-cycle. A detailed inventory of the project can quickly expose these gaps and potential shortfalls in skill-sets that will compromise project fulfilment. Alongside relevant specialisms, a comprehensive audit of the project can highlight issues with the infrastructure itself, with outdated legacy systems compromising corporate growth. By isolating each challenge in turn, you discover the problems at play, the resources you need to resolve them and the typical costs of these fixes.

How Can Scalable Solutions Address These Gaps at Short Notice?

Once you’ve identified these gaps in resourcing and defined the scope of your project, it’s time to enlist the experts! To make your project happen, you need to hire the right teams with the specific skills you require and in-depth industry experience to advise you throughout your project. While solutions abound on the market, the majority of consultancy firms charge a fixed-price fee for projects, rather than paying for utilisation. As projects are constantly evolving, the latter pricing structure provides a far more flexible solution, offering an agile and scalable alternative that keeps costs in check.

If you are looking to grow your business, then smart, scalable solutions offer a distinct advantage. When time is of the essence, you need specialist skills on demand, both to future-proof operations and keep abreast of changes that are rewriting the rules of business. Unsurprisingly, up-skilling your existing workforce requires significant time and resources, making it savvier to outsource your projects to technical specialists from the start. Whether you are upgrading an old legacy system or implementing a new CRM, a specialist team of consultants will help you plan and deploy these projects. As experts in their respective fields, they possess the full spectrum of skills to scale your plans at pace and build the right capabilities to deliver consistent results.

What are Some Typical Examples of Scalable, SOW-Based Solutions?

Regardless of project requirements, scalable, SOW-based solutions help you optimise business outcomes. These Statement of Work-based engagements tend to offer good value for money; instead of binding you to long-term contracts, scalable, SOW-based solutions operate on a “needs-based” basis, enabling you to scale up and scale back support in response to shifting requirements. For complex and technical projects, a scalable, SOW-based solution offers the niche skills you need to help you rapidly scale-up resourcing within a short space of time.

Alongside specialist expertise, these flexible solutions for skills gaps can provide additional benefits for business. Instead of incurring sunk costs, with no real return on investment, you can take control of your spend on a needs-by-needs basis for your project. This enables you to engage the resource you require without compromising your budget to do so. In addition to smarter spends, an experienced team of specialists will bring fresh ideas to the table. From suggesting solutions to bottlenecks or pivoting quickly to meet new demands, this targeted, tactical support will help you shore up your strategy and bring your plans to fruition.