May 24, 2020

Leveraging Mobile Recruiting: 4 Top Tips for Acquiring Gen Z Talent

Whatever way you look at it, traditional recruitment techniques are gradually getting rewritten.

As technologies continue to evolve, candidates entering the job market come with a new set of expectations, both in terms of searching for jobs and how easy it is to apply.

Unsurprisingly, these tech-savvy digital natives prioritise responsiveness and convenience, favouring a mobile-optimised site where they can search and send on the go (without switching to desktop to do so!)

With the above in mind, here are 4 top tips to make the most of mobile recruiting and acquire Gen Z hires who are the right fit from the outset…

Top Tip No. 1: Prioritise User Experiences Across Multiple Devices & Platforms

When it comes to acquiring top talent, first impressions matter. Today, the majority of Gen Z prospects apply for jobs from their mobile, making a seamless user experience an integral part of this process. Given this shift towards mobile searching, every page of your website should be fully optimised for mobile, with a responsive design and interface that’s easy for newcomers to navigate. Rather than cluttering the site with text or a complex, multi-step process, a one-click apply approach is far more attractive to candidates who send multiple apps per day. Once you’ve made these tweaks to your site, it’s time to test them! By experiencing the site as a user yourself, you’ll gain invaluable insights into which stages require improvement (and whether the process itself is as seamless on different devices.)

Top Tip No. 2: Connect with Candidates on WhatsApp to Fulfil Your Hiring Quota

Forget Facebook and Instagram…connecting with candidates on WhatsApp gives you an instant edge over competitors. Despite its potential for prospecting, this real-time messaging app remains surprisingly rare in recruitment, with the majority of talent specialists opting to reach out to candidates on LinkedIn. However, if you’ve set your sights on Gen Z, leveraging this app is a must. Aside from targeting sought-after talent, WhatsApp is a preferable option to email for generating leads and follow-ups. As it’s rarely used by recruiters, any messages you send via WhatsApp will likely stand out to candidates who are spammed through other platforms. Additionally, if you’re recruiting for global roles, WhatsApp’s robust VoIP service enables you to call candidates internationally and schedule video interviews across multiple countries and time zones.

Top Tip No. 3: Leverage Location Targeting to Optimise Lead Generation

For hiring professionals today, sourcing appropriate matches can feel like an uphill battle. You source a promising prospect – only to find out that the candidate in question has accepted an offer elsewhere. Put simply, high-calibre hires are inundated with messages each day, making it vital to cut through the noise with an offer they can’t resist.  Instead of resorting to default techniques, new strategies, such as geo-targeting, can help you reach the right people. One key benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to personalise your approach to acquire hires in specific locales. This level of segmentation is a definite boon for your budget – particularly if your ideal profiles are concentrated in certain places. Want to take things one step further? You can leverage geofencing to draw a “fence” around an area and pinpoint prospects within it who match your key criteria. After prospects enter this area, you can capture and utilise this data to craft a customised campaign that resonates with these potential recruits.

Top Tip No. 4: Harness SMS Messaging to Provide Real-Time Updates to Candidates

A less obvious tool in your arsenal, a SMS messaging strategy serves several functions simultaneously. Alongside setting up alerts for roles, you can harness SMS messaging to keep candidates in the loop. From offering messages of encouragement to providing updates on progress, connecting with candidates via mobile can feel far less invasive than email (while facilitating faster response times.) Aside from updates on progress, you can also use SMS messaging to provide a personal touch to follow-ups that sets a favourable first impression. Whether you are hurriedly switching between meetings, or simply pressed for time, features, such as voice dictation, help you swiftly respond on the go. The result? Less stress, faster responses and a standout candidate experience that sets you apart from competitors!