July 18, 2020

Streamlining the Hiring Process: 5 Strategic Benefits of Investing in ATS Software

From sifting through mountains of paperwork to drawing up shortlists of candidates, the typical hiring process is heavily resource-dependent.

Although this is often manageable at first, issues can quickly arise when your company starts to scale, making an investment in ATS software a smart, strategic shift. Not only can it cut your cost-per-hire but you can also leverage automation to keep admin to an absolute minimum, increasing quality time with candidates.

With the above in mind, here are 5 strategic benefits of investing in ATS software, helping you cut costs, streamline your processes and measure the success of campaigns…

Strategic Benefit No.1: Strengthens Brand Recognition to Entice Passive Prospects

Increasing brand awareness can positively impact recruitment, as well as long-term rates of retention. Yet despite its enduring importance, the routine tasks of recruitment reduce opportunities to invest in this area and create marketing collateral that appeals to key demographics. In this sense, sophisticated ATS software offers the ultimate helping hand. You can integrate ATS software with social media networks, helping you leverage the power of these channels to complement your hiring strategy. From posting jobs to multiple platforms, to evaluating which channel provides the best ROI, this software spreads the word online to raise awareness of your brand.

Strategic Benefit No. 2: Provides a Central Repository to Facilitate Collaborative Hiring

For many firms, a collaborative approach to hiring guarantees the best results, whilst reducing the risk of bias. However, managing this process remotely requires a little additional assistance! One key benefit of ATS software is that it facilitates collaborative hiring, with communications, updates, and notes kept in one central place. The majority of ATS systems offer additional features as well, such as scorecards for candidate feedback and smarter document management to reduce potential bottlenecks. This centralised hiring system is ideal for geographically dispersed teams, allowing them to check the progress of candidates, irrespective of country or timezone. An additional boon of this software is that it creates a greater level of transparency – a prerequisite for trust within teams.

Strategic Benefit No. 3: Automates Existing Processes to Save Time and Money

Posting jobs and scanning CVs is a long, laborious process, requiring significant time and effort to sort the wheat from the chaff. Not only is this inefficient; it also takes away time from interacting with potential recruits and checking whether they’re the right cultural fit. Given the importance of getting this right, a modern ATS system can automate routine tasks that swallow large chunks of time. From screening countless CVs to tagging promising new prospects, this multi-purpose piece of software can automate practically any task. After receiving vast swathes of submissions, the system is smartly configured to filter applicants in a matter of minutes based on specific search criteria. As a result, recruiters have access to a shortlist of candidates who they can instantly reach out to online helping to speed up the hiring process.

Strategic Benefit No. 4: Offers Sophisticated Analytic Capabilities to Streamline Your Hiring Strategy

When it comes to recruitment campaigns, knowing what works and why helps you maximise ROI. Although you can manually assess your efforts, sophisticated ATS software can do this job on your behalf, enabling you to drill into the details and create real-time reports to gain an overview of where you’re at (and what you can do to improve.) Aside from applicant sources and job roles, you can also harness this software to assess the efficacy of job ads, and the optimal times for posting. Armed with this newfound knowledge, you can pinpoint the specific strategies that impact your bottom line. The result? Smarter, data-driven decisions that radically reduce your ad spend.

Strategic Benefit No. 5: Ensures That Processes Comply with the Latest Data Regulations

For recruiters, compliance with GDPR remains at the top of the corporate agenda. Yet these ever-shifting regulations make this challenging to achieve in practice, with data-protection rules always seeming to be one step ahead. Rather than juggling data on your own, implementing ATS software helps you avert this hiring headache, providing insights into hiring laws, a streamlined data repository, and the cold hard evidence you need to ensure you remain compliant. In addition to capturing and processing data, you can utilise ATS software to manage the onboarding process. If you’ve ever found yourself sighing over mountains of paperwork or scratching your head over GDPR updates, this software is a surefire route to keep your stress levels in check!