August 21, 2020

The Recruitment Revolution: 6 Handy Hacks to Harness AI in Hiring

From drafting up job descriptions to sifting through countless CVs, the hiring process itself is a costly and timely affair.

With the very best will in the world, conducting these checks at scale is untenable to manage long-term, making investing in automation a smart and salient move.

So without further ado, here are 6 handy hacks to improve your targeting, streamline your strategy, and future-proof your pipeline from the get-go…

Handy Hack No.1: Source the Right Recruits via Programmatic Advertising Software

From drafting up job descriptions to expanding your reach online, programmatic advertising software supports you on multiple fronts. Needless to say, even the most polished and promising CV can fall short of expectations. What looks good on paper may fail to materialise in practice, making it crucial to hire for fit (rather than relying on CVs alone.)

Instead of taking a punt on prospects, you can harness this software to craft customised job descriptions based on demographical and behavioural data. Better still, the sniper-like capabilities of this software help you source high-quality hires with the right personality profiles to match. Additionally, you can also use this software to retarget candidates who registered their interest – but failed to complete their job app.

Handy Hack No. 2: Automate High-Volume Tasks to Streamline the Screening Process

If last year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of thinking ahead – and recruitment is no exception. As resumes flood through online, manually sorting the wheat from the chaff is a costly and timely affair, requiring significant energy and effort to draw up a relevant shortlist. In this sense, the advent of AI in hiring offers the ultimate helping hand. Rather than manually screening CVs, an AI-powered algorithm can draw up a shortlist in a matter of minutes, reducing lengthy recruitment cycles.

You can crunch through large swathes of data, pinpoint promising candidates, and scale up these efforts when necessary to address seasonal shifts in demand. By automating these routine tasks, you can strategically screen CVs to make smarter hiring decisions. The result? Less stress, speedier hiring cycles and a better candidate experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons!

Handy Hack No. 3: Leverage Natural Language Processing Technology to Optimise the Candidate Experience

When it comes to candidate experience, regular updates on progress can make or break your brand. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of apps that come through can mean that applicants get lost in the process, with the resulting “radio silence” prompting prospects to look elsewhere. Rather than leaving these candidates hanging (and scratching their heads in confusion), Natural Language Processing technology can do the legwork on your behalf.

Commonly referred to as chatbots, these AI-driven PAs ensure no one falls by the wayside during the entire recruitment cycle. Whether they are seeking a progress update, or feedback following an interview, chatbots instantly respond to candidates who are seeking clarification. Developments, such as Personality AI, take this technology one step further; leveraging machine learning techniques, this tool can look beyond the obvious to ascertain a prospect’s personality and whether they are the right DNA fit.

Handy Hack No. 4: Uncover Passive Candidates Who are Prime Prospects for Your Pipeline

Sometimes, the right recruits for a role come from the most unlikely places. Whether you are seeking specialists in a particular domain, or a specific DNA match, your existing ATS database is the perfect place to start! Instead of exclusively pursuing fresh prospects, you can leverage AI-powered software to uncover passive candidates and draw up a shortlist of prospects who tick all the right boxes!

Thanks to it’s number-crunching capacities, AI can instantly crawl the web to extract data from multiple sources. Through collating this data en masse and extracting actionable insights, AI affords a broader overview of the market (and the candidates most likely to switch.) Once you have this data to hand, you can craft a customised message to reconnect with past recruits. For maximum impact, you can combine this AI-powered strategy with a candidate referral program, enabling you to tap into less obvious networks to strengthen your hiring strategy.